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The Bad Boy Family Reunion Tour continues to impress and leave audiences in awe with its guest features and surprise appearances, but no one saw this one coming. During the Newark, NJ stop of the tour the crowd was shocked when former Bad Boy and P. Diddy’s 90’s co-d, Shyne made an impromptu appearance during the show… kind of.

The taped – or DVR’d – appearance was played on the silver screen for all to see and featured the Brooklyn rapper – minus the payot curls – dipped out in black and rocking the mic to “Bad Boyz” from his hometown of Belize.

You’d think with all the bad blood between Diddy and Shyne because of the infamous nightclub shooting of ’99 might’ve still been lingering. But with the 16th anniversary of his debut album, Shyne, having crept up the man who was once criticized for being a Biggie soundalike let it be known that it’s been “an honor and a privilege to be a part of one of the greatest record companies ever.”

And Puff Daddy’s reputation for mending fences with artists he’s allegedly screwed over continues to grow. Don’t be surprised if you see Loon or J. Lo take the stage along side Poppadiddypop in the near future.

Now if only Diddy could get around to getting that Biggie hologram off the ground and running… or bopping.

Photo: WENN

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