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Daryl Davis, a well-known R&B and blues piano player, has been featured on our site in times past. The musician has resurfaced again after a new video interview goes into deeper detail of his weird and unfathomable relationship with the racist Ku Klux Klan organization.

Davis sat down with the Fusion network and shared the bizarre tale of how he came to befriend KKK members and even tried on their robes to, in his words,  to see if he felt “powerful” but realized quickly that wasn’t the case.

While Davis’ mission seems noble on the surface, as seen in the 2016 documentary Accidental Courtesy, it appears that the musician’s best intentions still have him appearing meek and subservient to the Klansmen instead of truly educating them as he claims to do.

In fact, the host of the Fusion interview points out Davis’ folly in assisting Klan members with their clothes, providing rides, and there’s one portion in the interview in where a Klansman uses the “n-word” without fear in front of him in a video clip. Granted, as we’ve learned before, Davis collects the robes and hoods of Klansmen who no longer believe in the group’s racist rhetoric so maybe he has made some traction with his mission.

But what’s troubling is that the dignity Davis tries to carry himself with comes across as hollow when he says he “doesn’t believe in white supremacy or Black supremacy” which is directly out of the “All Lives Matter” handbook. Maybe Davis’ heart is in the right place but the method looks questionable from the outside.

Watch Fusion’s profile on Daryl Davis in the clip below.

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