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Luke Cage is a Black superhero. Actually, to quote the Netflix series’ creator and showrunner Cheo Horari Coker last week during a private dinner in Harlem celebrating its then impending release: “He’s a Black superhero. He’s not a superhero who happens to be Black.”

Nevertheless, there are people who have a problem with there being so man Black characters in a show about a Black superhero.

Go figure.

Also, you can bet these same batch of disgruntled viewers registered nothing but radio silence during the plethora of shows on television without a single inkling of diversity in its casting.

*More than likely these people are racists and may not even know it—or are just plain racists.

But not all is lost. Some became self-aware.

Peep all the butthurt proliferating on Twitter, and the apropos clapbacks, on the following pages.

Photo: Netflix

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