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Derrick Rose testified in his rape case this week and his brutal honesty reared it’s head again. The New York Knicks player admitted that he thought a text message from the accuser implied consent to sex.

With the NBA season right around the corner, Derrick Rose is hoping that his defense can get him a W in court. But his words seem to be digging an even deeper grave for him. Last month, parts of his testimony emerged where he was quoted as saying “we men, you can assume” when queried as to why he and two friends showed up late at night to a female acquaintances house in 2013. Then we found out that Rose did not know what the word “consent” actually meant. Now, we are hearing Rose testify that he thought a racy text message that his accuser sent meant that she was “DTF.”

ESPN writes:

Their text message exchange in August 2013 started with a text from the woman to Rose, saying he was the reason she “wakes up horny.” She included a photo of herself in her nightshirt and continued the exchange with other texts about sex throughout the day.

Rose said Friday he surmised that the initial text had triggered consent from that point on, and said his assumption was reinforced by their sexual history, sex acts she engaged in with him and one of his friends that night at his house, and an invitation hours later to her apartment.

“I was assuming that all of us going over there that she wanted to have sex with all of us,” Rose testified…

…Rose said the only time the woman said, “Stop,” was after she let the three men into her apartment and they all headed for the bedroom together.

“She told us, ‘One at a time,'” Rose testified. He said that he and Hampton waited on the sofa while Allen was in the bedroom.

The woman testified she never let the men into her place and remembers waking to see them all in her bedroom. She recalled Allen on top of her at one point and, at another, Rose pulling her to the side of the bed as she tried to roll off.

Rose said he never received any text message from the woman telling him she wanted to have sex with him and the two others. He said he assumed consent from what had transpired previously and the fact that she had never told him no.

“In my mind, she consented every time we had sex. Why wouldn’t she do it that time?” he said.

The plaintiff’s attorney, Waukeen McCoy, suggested Rose had no remorse about the night in question.

“I’m sensitive to it,” Rose replied, but added, “I feel I didn’t do anything wrong.”

Read those last two statements and tell us you don’t find something wrong, we dare you. Rose and his lawyers are attempting to paint the alleged rape victim as a freak, and maybe even a gold digger. Even if that is true about her, if she said “no” at any point, that’s where things should have stopped, even if they did have sex before.

This case is becoming a text book lesson on how just unaware people are or choose to be about women’s rights and sexuality in general. Just because you’ve had sex with someone before doesn’t mean that you are entitled to it later in life. Rose has claimed that he didn’t know what the word “consent” meant and he’s confused as to why a woman that’s had sex with him before would tell him “no” after she supposedly sent him a text message saying he makes her horny. Well consider this Mr. Rose, say if you went into your favorite restaurant to get a hamburger that you’ve had before and they inform you, “we aren’t serving those right now” or “we don’t have anymore.” You don’t get to storm into the kitchen and make one for yourself just because you read it on the menu and want it right now. It doesn’t work like that in the food industry and it sure as hell doesn’t work like that with another person’s body.

Since this is a civil lawsuit, Rose will not go to jail if it is ruled that he and his friend participated in a gang rape. He will just be out of a few million dollars. Which is why some people are questioning the accuser’s story and saying she is only out for money. Even if that is the case, Mr. Rose should do himself a favor and get a dictionary to learn what “consent” means and probably change his circle of friends.