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Uncle Luke is still disturbed by Donald Trump‘s “grab them by the p*ssy” remarks, but it wasn’t the first time Trump rubbed him the wrong way.

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In an interview on the Kevin Klein Live show, the free speech advocate and 2 Live Crew founder continued to share his disgust at Trump’s remarks, as well as draw a line between his raunchy lyrics and rapey statements.

“The difference between me and Trump and the music that I’ve done is we glorify the vagina, we don’t take it,” he says.

He also continued to throw shots at the Republican party for attacking him and his free speech rights decades ago, only to turn around and defend Trump. To be fair though, the person who led the charge against Luke back in the day was Democrat and former vice-president Al Gore’s wife Tipper Gore. As far as we can remember, both political parties have taken anti-rap stances at some point in time.

Luke also shared a story about the time that he went to a Trump-hosted party in West Palm Beach, Fla. Surprisingly, what he saw was so wild that it made Luke, the man who recorded the song “F*ck Shop,” blush.

He says, “Me, Mike Tyson and Eddie Murphy, we were invited to his mansion in West Palm Beach one time. And he had all these women running around. It was so much going on to the point that I couldn’t take what was going in that room and I left.”

When pressed about what he saw, he replied, “It was some wild things going on. It was some things I can’t even say over this radio.”

Listen to the entire interview below.

Photo: Instagram