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Jaheim has been under the Twitter slander firing brigade in times past so he’s not unfamiliar with combating trolls on the social media network. However, the R&B singer watered the gremlins once again after a photo featuring him rocking a slicked-back struggle perm surfaced which he valiantly tried to defend.

It’s tough to pinpoint when exactly the slander began, but the photo began making Twitter rounds the past couple of days with curious fans wondering what the science was. The Breakfast Club co-host Charlamagne The God also hopped in on jokes and made Jaheim his “Donkey Of The Day” on air. The singer took out his frustrations on Twitter and defended the look, but it might be a case of too little, too late. Charlamagne and Jaheim also engaged in quite a hefty beef and the singer has been tweeting his anger non-stop.

The jokes have been non-stop and continue on today with no end in sight. We’ve compiled some of our favorite tweets below and on the following pages. If we missed a Jaheim zinger you especially thought hilarious, hit us in the comments section with a link.



Sidenote: It’s worth noting that Jah isn’t letting Twitter punk him into obscurity and he’s been doing a bit of frying back himself.


Photo: Twitter

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