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Pusha T has been going hard for Hillary Clinton on the last leg of the 2016 Presidential election campaign. But he says hasn’t met her yet.

Plenty of eyebrows rose when Pusha T started aligning himself alongside Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton in recent months. First, there were the pictures of him rocking the “Delete Your Account” t-shirt aimed at Clinton’s opponent Donald Trump. Then there were those tweets promising a chance to meet Pusha if you voted for Hillary.

People immediately questioned if this was real. A connection between a guy who raps about trafficking and losing friends to drugs and prison and the woman who staunchly supported the 1994 Crime Bill that punished them sure does look weird to many.

However, Pusha [his friends call him “Push”] appeared on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert to explain why he’s throwing his support behind Clinton. Pusha claimed that the issue that matters most to him is mass incarceration and he feels that Clinton will pick up where Obama is leaving off in regards to prison reform.

“I definitely feel she’ll keep carrying on that legacy,” Pusha T told Colbert. “That’s the most important issue to me simply because I feel that’s the most important issue tearing apart our community right now.”

Pusha also admitted that he has yet to meet Clinton in person and that they’ve only seen each other via Facetime. He says he hopes to meet her at a party on Nov. 8, which also happens to be election day. Pusha has met her running mate Tim Kaine though.

Check out the entire interview below where he talks about getting lowballed for writing the McDonald’s “I’m Lovin’ It” jingle and Jay Z almost getting the “Grindin'” beat that catapulted his career.