Aundreana Rene isn’t a household name just yet, but if she keeps up with her current pace of posting photos in sexy poses she just might achieve that goal. The incredibly curvy Instagram model has been making the rounds on the Internet in the past year and appears to be ready for stardom.

According to a past interview, Ms. Rene hails from New Orleans but calls Washington, D.C. home. She is also a cast member in the upcoming reality television series, Social Media Experiment. So far, it looks like the model’s plans to become more visible has been working as evidenced by an active Instagram account and a website that promotes all of the online spaces you can follow her work.

Rene has appeared in Straight Stuntin and Black Men Magazine among other publications and outlets. Measuring in at an amazing 32-24-42, you’re going to want to follow her, ahem, “work” as well.

Check out our latest Bangin Candy, Ms. Aundreana Rene, below and on the following pages.

aundreana-rene-bangin-candy-1 aundreana-rene-bangin-candy-2 aundreana-rene-bangin-candy-3

Photo: Instagram

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