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A man robbing a local Atlanta hotel was caught on surveillance footage shooting a clerk before accidentally shooting and killing himself.

Detectives say an unidentified man walked into a Travelodge Hotel near Hartsfield Jackson Airport and robbed and shot 19-year-old hotel clerk Vrajesh Patel.

Surveillance footage captured the incident showing the man stopping by a vending machine before walking up to the counter and pulling out a gun on the teen.

Other patrons can be seen on the tape completely oblivious of the incident until the robber fires a shot into Patel’s stomach sending money flying.

Police say the man was found dead after a second bullet from the gun ricocheted and struck him in the head.

They believe the force of the first blast caused the gun to fire a second time, killing the robber instantly.

Patel has been hospitalized but is expected to make a full recovery.

Police are still searching for a second man, believed to the robber’s accomplice.

Check out the video below.