Respected Houston rap OG Mr. 3-2 was gunned down at a gas station Thursday night. Here’s why he’s all over your timeline.

According to ABC News 13 in Houston, a fight broke out at a gas station on the Southwest part of town. Four men were involved in the altercation and two of them went inside the gas station. Police say it was then when one of the men outside pulled out a pistol and shot the first victim in the back of the head. That victim was Mr. 3-2, born Christopher Barriere. He was 44.

Police add that the suspected shooter then drove away but came back.  Investigators say that he had a shotgun and fired it at the second victim, hitting him in the face. Others, including a man who got hit in the leg, were also injured from the blast.

Police are still looking for the suspect.

Mr. 3-2 was a longtime member of the Screwed Up Click and a highly respected rap vet on Houston’s Hip-Hop scene. He was introduced as member of the group Convicts, along with Big Mike, on Rap-A-Lot Records back in 1991. The album did not receive much fanfare when it was released, but over the years it has grown into a rare, hard-to-find cult classic. Copies of the out-of-print album have been on sale on Amazon for $100 or more for several years.

The Convicts album also influenced some of your favorite rappers and iconic record labels. One of the album’s most popular tracks was “1-900-A-Crook” a concept song where callers called in to get advice on how to commit various crimes with the Convicts and the Geto Boys giving them the game.

Jay Z would copy that same idea more than 10 years later for his track “1-900-Hustler” featuring Beanie Sigel, Memphis Bleek and Freeway.

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