Two West Virginia county officials got caught calling First Lady Michelle Obama an “ape in heels” and are crying because they are getting death threats now.

WSAZ in West Virginia reports that Pamela Taylor, who the director of the Clay County Development Corporation, wrote a post on Facebook saying, “It will be refreshing to have a class, beautiful, dignified First Lady in the White House. I am tired of seeing an ape in heels.”

For the record, Taylor is talking about Donald Trump‘s wife Melania, the “beautiful, dignified” woman pictured below.


Clay County Mayor Beverly Whaling responded to the post saying, “Just made my day Pam.”

Of course, their classless comments drew ire after it was shared online. Sheriff Garrett Samples says that they are also receiving threats.

As a result of the post and the comment, Sheriff Garrett Samples says threats have been made against the two women and other county workers.

While the threats have been reported to the sheriff, he tells WSAZ no official reports have been filed with his department and every deputy in the county is aware of the situation.

WSAZ is also reporting that Taylor is “sorry” for what happened. But she now feels that she is the victim of hate crimes now that she and her children are allegedly getting death threats. As of now, Taylor has been reprimanded by her supervisors and her job status is pending.



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