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The hashtag #GrabYourWallet has begun circulating online and it comes with a list of companies people are boycotting for selling Trump family related products.

If you’re going to participate in this boycott, be prepared to see your Polo collection suffer.

San Francisco-based brand and digital strategist Shannon Coulter started the boycott initiative when she urged people to not buy anything from Ivanka Trump’s clothing line after her father Donald Trump made those “grab them by the p*ssy” remarks. Her plight has since grown into an all-out Trump boycott of all of his family’s business and the corporations that support them.

You will recognize some of the companies as ones you probably just shopped at or planned on hitting up for Christmas shopping. Among them are Amazon, Burlington Coat Factory, Dillard’s, Macy’s, Marshall’s, Neiman Marcus, Nordstrom’s and TJ Maxx.

Coulter, a self-proclaimed “maker of lists,” created a spreadsheet of all the companies she is suggesting people boycott. They are broken down into three categories: Companies To Boycott, Companies To Consider Boycotting and Companies We Considered But Are Not Boycotting At This Time.

The companies on the list are there because they either carry products made by Trump or his family members or because the CEOs of the companies have openly endorsed Trump. New Balance, who said they supported Trump’s trade policies, but not his rhetoric, are currently on the list.

The #GrabYourWallet list also features a group of “Trump Free Alternatives” for people to shop with.

Check out the entire list here.