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Lil Wayne has promised his fans that new music is on the way, for real.

Lil Wayne was a guest on The Nine Club With Chris Roberts skateboarding podcast recently and got comfortable enough to share that he has been working on some new music that may be out very soon.

Wayne says that his next project will be apparently be titled Funeral. He shares the news at the end of his hour-long interview on the show.

He doesn’t have a release date for the project but says that he has a ton of very good news to share in the coming months. Hopefully Weezy’s 2017 will be better than a tumultuous 2016 that had him going back-and-forth with his recording home Cash Money Records of a $51 million lawsuit. Add to that the immense backlash from his Black Lives Matter comments and his online mental breakdown where he tweeted that he was “defenseless.”

On a good note, he did release his prison memoir Gone Til November this year.

Weezy appears to be in his natural element when he’s doing interviews with outlets that have nothing to do with Hip-Hop. He talked freely on Fox Sports’ Undisputed and he’s talking freely here as well. Check out the entire interview below.

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