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It all comes down to this. SPOILER AHEAD

Luke Cage and Diamondback are set to go mano y mano in the middle of Harlem and the world is a watchin’. The only way this could’ve been more fitting was if it would’ve taken place at The Rucker or the Apollo Theater.

With his new super suit on, Diamondback proves to be more than a match for Luke as he’s never had to shoot the five with anyone on his power level.

How will Luke fare in a fair one with someone who can match him pound for pound and hates his very existence? Will Mariah Dillard finally get exposed for being a murderer and accomplice to Diamondback’s numerous crimes? Does Misty Knight have one more thirst trap dress left in her closet for the millions of single men hoping to see her in her full traffic stopping glory? Let’s find out shall we.

Here’s a quick recap of the season finale of Marvel’s Luke Cage, episode 13: You Know My Steez.

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