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A man in Chicago is recovering after jumping from a third story window while eluding police.

According to published reports, Ronald “Boobie” McIntyre is currently hospitalized after suffering two broken legs and other injuries after jumping from a third story window to escape an arrest warrant for child support.

Authorities state that deputies with the Cook County Sheriff’s Child Support Enforcement Unit attempted to take McIntyre into custody on Tuesday (August 10),  when they arrived at a third floor apartment where they heard he was staying.

After approaching the apartment and announcing their office,they were greeted by a woman who said she didn’t know the whereabouts of McIntyre.

After deputies entered to search the apartment, a juvenile pointed to a window.

The deputies walked to that window, looked down and saw McIntyre lying on the ground below.

Although severely injured, police state that McIntyre still tried to elude police by trying to crawl away while police were blocked behind a locked iron gate.

Deputies ordered him to give them his wrist so he could be cuffed, but they state that he replied by cursing at them.

Reports indicate that in his fall, McIntyre landed close enough to the gate and struggled to move, so deputies were able to reach through the gate, grab his wrist and handcuff him to the fence until building security arrived to unlock it.

An ambulance was called and that is when deputies learned McIntyre suffered multiple compound fractures to both legs, among other injuries.

McIntyre is currently free on bond until his next court date, which is set for Oct. 19

The amount McIntyre owes currently in back child support is $5,979.66.