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Police in Seattle, Washington have arrested a man for assaulting his neighbor with bodily fluids.

According to reports, 69-year-old Ronald V. Ellis lured his neighbor Cheri Monson to a parking lot by telling her that there was something wrong with her car.

When Monson saw that there was nothing wrong and headed into the building, police say Ellis attacked her with a bucket of feces, urine and vomit.

“This is very embarrassing, but…he threw feces all over me,” Cheri Monson told”It was awful. It was disgusting; I could barely get up the stairs. And when I got up the stairs, I immediately threw up.”

When officers arrived on the scene, they reported that the woman’s clothes were soaked with urine and that there was fecal matter on her back and vomit in her hair.

Police also noted that the stench was so bad it was difficult to interview the victim, who sprained her ankle in the midst of the incident.

“He’s a very ill person, as far as I’m concerned. He’s harassed me for many years – many, many years,’ Monson continued. “I just would really like him to stay in jail.”