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An NYPD cop was caught toeing crossing the line between being a peace officer and a petty gambler. The detective was stripped of his badge after he was caught on video playing dice.

We’re going to guess cee-lo (headcrack!) was the game of choice. Yeah, it went down in the Bronx, but the hood definitely did not appreciate this officer.

Reports NBC News:

The NYPD said David Terrell of the 42nd Precinct is off active patrol and on modified assignment in the Manhattan court system, but didn’t comment specifically on the dice incident. Terrell’s modified assignment also comes as several young men in the Bronx told the I-Team he and other officers in the 42nd precinct falsified arrests and coerced witnesses to lie in criminal cases.

Kenny Shenery, 25, told the I-Team that the dice game — video of which was obtained by the I-Team — wasn’t a friendly act of community relations.  

Shenery said he and his friends were rolling dice on a street in the Bronx’s Claremont neighborhood when Terrell and his partner approached and frisked them.

According to the witness, this is when Terrell got extra foul.

Shenery said he was then placed in the back of a patrol car and claimed Terrell told the group, “Let’s gamble. If I win, I take one of you guys in, also with him, and if I lose, I let him go.”

A witness who took cellphone video said the officer lost, but took Shenery to the precinct anyway.


Peep footage of the allegedly crooked cop below.

Photo: screen cap