Step In The Arena


Is Squabbles the Poet?

Reference: Oz

Though he’s an entirely different character, Squabbles is played by the same actor – Craig muMs Grant – who played fan favorite character Poet on HBO’s 90’s hit prison series, Oz. We acknowledge that this could be a total reach or a cleverly planted character for the culture.


Five Deadly Venoms, Clan Of The White Lotus, Five Fingers Of Death, etc.

Reference: Kung Fu Flicks

Growing up in the 70s and 80’s meant you watched tons of kung-Ffu flicks from overseas. I mean, where do you think Wu-Tang Clan got their name from, a menu? When speaking on them, Squabbles mentioned watching them on 42nd street (grindhouse status more than likely), but because movie theaters were expensive and having cable was an even greater luxury, most heads caught them on TV on Saturday afternoons or late nights and watched them into the wee hours of the morning. Everyone went to school on Monday morning swearing they were Black Belts. None of us were nor did we own any real black belts. Everyone wore sweats or pants that fit just right or just tight everyday. Great times.

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