Just To Get A Rep


“You wanna go to war? I’ll take you to war.”

Reference: Scarface

Brian DePalma’s classic 1980’s film about a Cuban immigrant (played by Al Pacino) produced countless classic phrases, lines, and scenes that will live forever thanks mostly in part to Hip-Hop and the impact it had on the culture. Any true Hip-Hop head would know that the majority of rappers not only made references to the timeless picture, but have also sampled its audio and score (“Criminology,” “Push It,” It’s Mine,” etc).




“This mob’s not deep enough.”

Reference To: Mobb Deep

When Luke responded to Cottonmouth’s threat of war with “This mob’s not deep enough” it surely seemed like a wink to one of Hip-Hop’s best duo’s of the golden era. Straight outta Queensbridge, Mobb Deep is one of the most recognized and revered Hip-Hop groups of the 90’s. Along with Nas, Mobb Deep helped solidified the QBC as one of the most formidable NYC Hip-Hop clicks of the decade. Not only did the Infamous Mobb go on to sell millions of records (not stream “sell” either), they also helped pave the way for numerous other QB rappers to make some noise of their own.



Dapper Dan

Icon: Dapper Dan, fool!

Dapper Dan. Homage: Dapper Dan, fool! Since the 80’s Harlem’s own Dapper Dan’s been tailoring everyone from Hip-Hop royalty to street legends with over the top pimp-ish attire that was second to none. The OG customizer worked magic on both his clientele and their automobiles, but once word got overseas that he was using knockoff Gucci and Louis Vuitton trademark imprints for his own creations, they took immediate action and made sure he never went commercial—while ripping off the style he created.




Did Detective Shakima “Kima” Greggs Get Promoted to Captain Betty Aubrey?

Reference: The Wire

Another favorite character from a classic HBO series brought on board for the people. Sonja Sohn played Detective Shakima Greggs on the Baltimore based cops and hustlers drama, The Wire and years later returns as Captain Betty Audrey on Luke Cage. Coincidence or does Marvel know how to please its Hip-Hop fan base?

Photo: abebooks.com

Photo: abebooks.com

“Benign Neglect”

Reference: Can’t Stop Won’t Stop: A History Of The Hip-Hop Generation By Jeff Chang

Cottonmouth’s henchman, Koko, references Can’t Stop Won’t Stop by Jeff Chang when suggesting “benign neglect” might be an answer for dealing with Luke Cage. While he got shot in the dome for his effort, this book is worth reading even if it may mean catching a hot one for educating yourself on some Hip-Hop history. Okay, maybe it’s not that serious but it’s still something any true Hip-Hopper or anyone curious about the culture should read at least once in their lifetime.

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