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J. Cole‘s “False Prophets” has Kanye West in the studio with Pete Rock and Wale rapping great again. Can he work his magic with these MCs?

J. Cole’s “False Prophets” wasn’t so much of a diss track as it was an honest observation. The mellow beat matched with J. Cole never raising his tone above his inside voice made it perhaps the calmest calling out in Hip-Hop history. While he didn’t call out anybody by name, he didn’t call anyone out of their name either.

Which is probably the reason why the two people that are suspected of being the subject of his quiet wrath have yet to respond with venom of their own. All we do know is is that in the time since the track surfaced, we’ve seen reports saying that Kanye West, who once referred to himself as the “new version of Pete Rock,” has been working with Pete Rock himself working on new music. We have also seen Mr. Folarin drop two tracks with him sounding the hungriest he’s been in years.

If J. Cole calling you out can lead to this kind of work, imagine if he pointed his lyrics at these rappers?

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