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A video of online comedian Adam Saleh getting kicked off a Delta flight for speaking Arabic is making the rounds. People want to believe him, but he pranks for a living.

Saleh posted a video of himself being asked to get off of a Delta flight after other passengers claimed to feel uncomfortable after hearing him speak Arabic on the phone.

The footage looks very troubling as Saleh insists that Delta and the White people who called him out are racists for assuming that just because he is speaking Arabic, he’s up to something terrible.

Saleh eventually got off the plane and booked a flight with another airline. The video has since shared all over social media and has caused many to scream “boycott” or start sharing their own personal stories of racist treatment by Delta.

But, some are questioning the validity of Saleh’s claims. Why? Because he does pranks for a living. Click over to see one where he thought it would be funny to get a “Ugandan gangster” to fake a robbery. The “gangster” wound up getting his tooth knocked out.

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