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J. Money, “First name, Last name,” is out to take over the world one song at a time. Rapping for only 18 months, the futuristic star has embarked on a quest to become one of the premier rappers out of the South today. In order to accomplish that feat, drastic change must be made, with the most notable of which will be the most simple and the most controversial. J. Money will forgo the name that brought him into the limelight for a new, less catchy, appellation. Hence forth, he will be known as J. Futuristic, the only name a trendsetter like he can adopt; and to the future is where he looked in making the decision to alter his famous adage after having already used it to make a string of hits.

When asked for his reasoning behind the decidingly strategic maneuver, it was no surprise that Mr. Futuristic looked toward the future to find an answer to one of his most troubling professional conundrums. He needed a way to separate himself from the other rappers whom shared any sort of semblance to the persona that he undoubtedly brought into the spotlight.

“There were just too many J. Money’s so I had to change it, exclaimed the rapper simply. The origins of ‘futuristic’ had more history behind it. “I was trying to come up with one word just to describe how I kick it. I always used to just say the word. I was saying it before I was rapping. Everybody knew me for that word, and I just had to be different too. Everybody was talking about dope, dope, dope, dope . . . nah man, I’m futuristic!,” emphatically sated by the originator of Atlanta’s new “space age” movement.

No matter the moniker used, hits keep coming from the unorthodox artist, and his grind is as prodigious as ever. With a DJ Drama mixtape due to hit the streets this month, Mr. Futuristic turned his attention to the silver screen with the recent filming of the video for his hit single “1st Name, Last Name.” Directed by Mr. Boomtown, the video speaks to the rapper’s lackadaisically serious flow with a touch of joviality, youth, and demand to known as a true originator. Filmed at Morris Brown College in downtown Atlanta, the set featured all the trappings of a vibrant school with the dance crews adding something extra. Jay also recently shot the video for his second single “This Is How We Play.”

J. Futuristic’s untitled debut album is due in December of this year on Universal Republic Records.