Guess we should start taking this Chris Brown and Soulja Boy fight seriously. Mike Tyson just agreed to train Brown and Floyd Mayweather is training Soulja Boy.

Somebody please stop this train wreck from happening.

What started out as an online beef is now spilling into an actual boxing ring as 50 Cent has put together a Pay-Per-View fight for what may be the silliest celebrity boxing match we’ve ever seen. But it looks like both sides are taking this very seriously as real boxers are getting involved.

After Mayweather chose to side with “Big” Soulja Boy and train him for the fight, Mike Tyson has reportedly agreed to train Brown. Both entertainers could use as much training as possible. The videos leading up to this squabble have featured both of them smoking and doing other lazy activities like staying in the house.

50 broke the news on Instagram.


Just in case you thought he was bullsh*tting, he has video of Mike saying he’s going to help Brown leave Soulja Boy looking “f*cked up.”


50 has also reportedly added an undercard fight with former NBA foes Kenyon Martin and Tim Thomas.


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