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Police have arrested the man who drove Kim Kardashian West back to her hotel room the night she was robbed of $10 million worth of jewelry.

After rounding up 17 suspects in connection to Kardashian’s October 2016 robbery, police are now targeting one of the men who saw her last before it went down, her limo driver.

Page Six reports:

Meanwhile, authorities are focusing on a possible inside job in the brazen heist after the arrests of Kardashian’s chauffeur, Michael Madar, 40, and his brother, Gary Madar, 27, both of whom worked for the same limo company.

Michael drove her home on the night of the robbery, the French daily Le Monde reported.

Police have confirmed reports that the driver would have known all of Kardashian’s movements – strengthening the theory of an inside job.

Kardashian has been kept up to date about the recent arrests and she tell Entertainment Tonight that she is “relieved.” The main piece, a $4.5 million diamond ring with “adidas” engraved on it has yet to pop up though.