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Shyne recently spoke with MTV bout joining Cash Money, and releasing 2 albums on the same day.

Po says his new album is done and after talking with Birdman over at Cash Money, he possibly could drop two albums on the same day for Def Jam and Cash Money.

“I’m doneI’m just making albums at this point. I’m on my fifth album. I’m not sure, me and Baby been talking. We been talking about doing the Cash Money thing where I put one album out on Def Jam, distributed by Def Jam, and Baby distribute the one album on Cash Money. I might do that, I’m not sure, we’re still finishing the fine points and negotiate that.”

Shyne also said he considered putting out an album every 6 months, because one album will not fit everything he has to say.  He later goes on and talks about how him and Birdman connected, and why they are on the same team.

“He reached out to me and let me know if there was anything he could do to assist. When I was about to come out, he reached out to me again to see if there was anything he could do to help me. We’ve always had an open line of communication through the same banner, through the same rag. That’s inevitable. I’ve got the utmost respect for what he does.  Baby’s a real roller, putting it in. He built Cash Money from nothing, rebuilt it to something even greater. Wayne, what’s happening, Eastside Damu all the time. Rikers Island, I know the brothers is taking care of you in there. So Cash Money is definitely family.”