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This probably isn’t true, but it’s hilarious and deliciously petty. Future reportedly sent Atlanta Falcons jerseys to the home of Ciara and Russell Wilson for Baby Future to rock. 

What, you thought Future being on the sidelines when the Falcons beat the Seattle Seahawks would be the end of the petty?

Reports HollywoodLife:

“Future loves his Falcons and was so impressed with Matt Ryan’s performance that immediately after the game he sent several child size Ryan jerseys to Ciara and Russell’s for his son to wear,” the source tells EXCLUSIVELY. “He doesn’t think it’s being petty. He plans on bringing Future Jr. to the next playoff game and wants his son to support the Falcons and be part of the winning squad with a phenomenal quarterback as they make a run for the Super Bowl.”

 Our source claims Future actually isn’t trying to make a point here. Apparently, he’s just a huge Falcons fan — which we buy, seeing as he hails from A-Town — and he’s keen for 2-year-old Future Jr. to become a super fan too. “Like any dad, Future wants to bond with his kid and take him to ball games and what better way.

However, let’s not forget…

In non-petty news, Future and Ciara recently settled their custody battle over Baby Future. That’s why we don’t believe Future would so blatantly stoke the fires of the petty war after reaching a peaceful accord.


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