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Stacey Dash didn’t do herself any favors when she decided to go rogue and become an agent for all things conservative and her shoe shine act didn’t gain her many allies either. Dash’s exit from Fox News was recently announced and the Internet has been giving the ousted actress the blues on Twitter all morning.

Dash tried her hardest to become the right wing’s next firebrand with off the wall comments about anything in a bid to keep the cameras rolling. Remember when she called Former president Barack Obama an “Islamic fascist” much to the surprise of many?  And that’s not even one of the dumber things the Clueless actress has uttered as a member of the network’s panelist team.

Naturally, the jokes have been top to bottom hilarious on Twitter, although we don’t really need to be celebrating someone being out of a job in this economy. That said, it’d be one thing if Dash was actually good at her job instead of trolling for a check.

See the carnage below and hit the flip to read the rest of the exquisite slander Stacey Dash has been catching.

Photo: screen cap

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