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Donald “Ivan” Trump is officially in office and anyone who supports him is dead to most Americans by association. So when Trump namedropped Tom Brady the day of his inauguration, revealing the New England Patriots QB had called him to congratulate him on winning the big one, the Hall of Fame-bound QB was asked about his friendship with the controversial commander-in-chief.

TMZ Sports posted an interview (from the Kirk and Callahan Show) where the deflate gate quarterback tried his best to take the air out the situation by downplaying its importance (sound familiar?). He brushed it off his shoulders as just another speck of dust in the wind.

“I got a lot of friends. I call a lot of people. Why does everybody make such a big deal? I don’t understand it,” said Brady before adding, ““If you know someone it doesn’t mean that you agree with everything they say or do.”

While their friendship spans 16 years, there’s no excuse for continuing to support a man whose racism and vulgar misogynistic ways come to light during a hate-filled presidential campaign.

This will just give football fans more reason to hate the Patriots and hope that Atlanta’s ascension to pop culture dominance continues with a Super Bowl Win over Donald’s bff come February 5.