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Angela Peoples is now a viral star, thanks in part to an image of taken at this weekend’s Women’s March in Washington holding a particular message for a certain segment of women voters. The sign, which read ” Don’t Forget: White Women Voted For Trump,” was snapped while white women were taking photos around her.

Peoples, who serves as the director of the LGBTQ organization GetEQUAL, was seen casually wearing a hat that read “Stop killing black people” along with the aforementioned sign. In a discussion with The Root, Peoples explained that a lot of “#NotAllWhiteWomen” and “whitesplaining” went down as she walked about the city but she kept it true to the facts.

From The Root:

TR: Why did you decide to create the sign “White Women Voted for Trump”?

AP: We need to be really honest about why we’re here. There was a sense for me of being at the march and in community with folks that were wanting to resist this horrifying reality, but also not wanting folks to get complacent.

TR: How did people respond to you and your sign?

AP: Most were saying, “Not this white woman,” or “No one I know!” I’d say, “[Fifty-three percent] of white women voted for Trump. That means someone you know, someone who is in close community with you, voted for Trump. You need to organize your people.” And some people said, “Oh, I’m so ashamed.” Don’t be ashamed; organize your people.

The photo was snapped by Peoples’ boyfriend, Kevin Banatte.

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