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Last night (Jan. 25), allege Russian plant President Donald Trump sat down with ABC News anchor David Muir and gave his first interview as the commander-in-chief of this great nation. It was nothing less than disturbing.

The American leader who’s already waged war on women, Hispanics, Native Americans, and Muslims in his first short week demonstrated that his beliefs are rooted in lies, greed, and the “public perception” that his cabinet peddles to him.

The dictator in the making who believes that “American carnage” has become the law of the land during Obama’s administration continues to wage war against the “fools” whom critique his every highly questionable moves and tweets, believes that voter fraud is happening by the millions. [Note: his own daughter, Tiffany, and his right hand white nationalist man, Steve Bannon, have already been discovered to be registered voters in two states, hence, are technically the people he’s accusing of costing him the popular vote].

Trump also reassured those watching that his self-absorbed speech at the CIA headquarters got him the “biggest standing ovation since Peyton Manning had won the Super Bowl.” And that’s not his opinion either. Trump told David Muir that “they said” that he’d gotten a Peyton Manning-esque standing ovation.

Well if “they said” it then it must be true, right?

This man is a walking Twilight Zone novel in the making, no?

But those are just water cooler talking points.

The man with more conflicts of interests than someone who owns a multi-billion dollar business becoming the President Of The United States then went on to say that waterboarding torture “absolutely” works but fell short of saying he’d actually reinstate the outlawed practice… unless his team is willing to actually do it.

And like a true businessman with no regard for the law, Trump stated that everyone saying that stealing Iraq’s oil is a violation of international law are nothing more than “fools.”

While the answers – or opinions – that Cheeto Jesus gave throughout his interview was about what you’d expect from a reality TV egomaniac, it was still alarming to see just how far removed this man is from the simple realities that can be seen with a simple photograph.

“Now, the audience was the biggest ever,” Trump once again wrongly claimed about his inauguration crowd. “The crowd was massive. And I would actually take that camera and take your time if you want to know the truth.”

And by “truth” he really means alternative facts.

Hit the flip to see the manchurian candidate in all his misinformed glory.

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