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Chrisette Michele appeared on CNN to talk about the ongoing controversy surrounding her performance at a Donald Trump inauguration ball.

The singer talked to anchor Brook Baldwin about the backlash she received leading up to and after the performance. Michele appeared unbothered and continued to stress that she sees herself as a bridge and hoped that her performance for Trump and his constituents showed then what “we look like.” “We” being Black people.

Michele also offered more of her unique perspectives on just what her performance actually meant. In addition to mentioning the Basquiat dress that she wore on stage, again, she went on to compare her plight to that of Barack Obama‘s runs for President.

When Baldwin mentioned all of the hate that Jennifer Holiday received for agreeing to perform [she later backed out], Michele said, “Barack Obama received such hate and he ran again. So I’m going to keep running just like he did. At the end of the day, everybody is going to receive hate when they stand up for what they believe in.”

She continues, “Black Twitter is not the entire country. Black Twitter is not the entire Black America. So I refuse to make 6,000 comments the voice of Black America.”

Check out all of what Michele had to say below.

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