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Azealia Banks and Rihanna are known for being the queens of slander, but now the two have been pitted against each other with some rather unexpected results. After the Harlem rapper took a stray shot at the Barbadian superstar over President Donald Trump, the clap back was strong and to the point, while Banks failed to keep up despite having more to say.

Over the weekend, President Trump’s goofy “Muslim ban” had everyone speaking up and out against the divisive policy including Rihanna who took to Twitter to voice her displeasure. While she was off minding her own business, Banks saw fit to offer an opinion on the matter that nobody asked for.

In a series of now-deleted Instagram posts, Banks took a few more shots at Rihanna and to anyone who criticized Donald Trump. This inspired Rihanna to succinctly respond to Banks’ insults using memes and photos. Banks tried to save face by typing a lot in response but instead decided to stop flailing away and relaxed a bit. One of her latest IG posts did have the caption “don’t play with me” so perhaps she’s working up some of her magic spells for Rih-Rih?

Hit the flip to see Azealia Banks and Rihanna go at it.

Photo: Instagram

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