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If you’re not following Wesley Snipes on Twitter, you are losing. The actor has become known for having lively timeline, and he recently delivered an epic clap back when a troll tried to come for him. 

You’re probably aware of the tax issues that landed Snipes in jail. The troll tried to use it as ammo, but instead caught some fierce return fire.

“hey Wesley. Pay your taxes,” wrote, @Jbirdpittsburgh, who happens to be a Trump supporter. Yeah, that is what you call irony considering Cheeto Jesus is still holding his tax returns hostage.

Anyway, that’s when the man known as Nino Brown, Blade and Sidney Dean from White Men Can’t Jump invited him to the fade.

“Hey Justin, come see these hands. Tax free,” read the tweet, which at this time has been RT’d over 52,000 times.


Now let us remember that time Wesley Snipes clowned a dude’s hairline.

Oh, brother Snipes wasn’t done.

Now, let us remember that time Wesley Snipes ethered a dude by clowning his hairline.

Now, let us take in the Twitter reactions below and on the following pages. Protect Wesley Snipes at all costs.

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