By now, everyone, including Drake, should know you can’t say Chris Brown’s name in public without him taking it the wrong way.

At the end of his London date on the Boy Meets World Tour, Drake went on a mini rant calling the fans for not being turnt up enough.

He says:

“I think you a little tense tonight. You acting like this sh*t is like some Omarion, Chris Brown sultry sh*t. This not that kind of show. I’m a turnt up n*gga!”

Clearly, Drake didn’t call anyone out of their name or say he was better at anything than anyone else. All he suggested was that the crowd turn up a little more.

Well, just like how Batman responds when he sees a “bat signal” in the sky, Chris Brown heard that his name came out of someone’s mouth and just had to respond.

Who will be the next person to receive an online threat from Mr. Brown?

Photo: Screenshot


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