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Missing rapper Hurricane Chris is trending on Twitter this morning. Wonder why?

Evidently, Chris has been moonlighting as Lil Wayne‘s social media bodyguard. The Shreveport, La. rapper appeared on Instagram to post what many are perceiving as a threat to Kodak Black, or anybody who has dared said anything close to foul about Wayne recently.

In the clip Chris, sans braids with a new eyebrow piercing, says:

“I’ma say this, and I’ma say this one time. I go by the name of Hurricane Chris and if you fuck with any of my people, you gotta deal with me. With that being said, Wanye, Weezy, Tunechi or whatever you want to call him, if you want to f*ck with him, you want to f*ck with me, that’s how I’m coming, 5150. You play with my people and I’ma break your jaw. It’s going down, just like that and you know who I’m talking to. If you play with my people, we coming down.”

He went on to say that he was “righteous with those hands” and issued a challenge to fight Black just as he challenged Wanye to do for the “Best Rapper Alive” title. He also went on to do some pocket watching saying how much Wayne is worth is “supposed to been had worth” if it wasn’t for his lawsuit against Cash Money. Chris ends his rant telling Black to “Snapchat that.”

Photo: Screenshot