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Wale sees a silver lining in the dark cloud that is the Donald Trump presidency. 

The Washington, D.C. rapper thinks more Americans from all walks of life will unite under Trump‘s rule. But not because the President wants to bring them together, but because people will see that they need each other more now than ever.

Wale says:

“I think right now is the time when we need each other. I think if there’s any silver lining in this sh*t, it’s that people of all walks of life are coming together, and that sh*t makes me feel proud for humans, for humanity. We’ve got a wild person in charge right now. But what I see happening is less hate amongst different creeds and walks of life. The Muslims, the Jews, the gays, the transgender, all people [will say] ‘you know what, there’s a greater purpose, there’s a bigger enemy…I don’t think people are going to realize that for another year. But I see people coming together that don’t even f*ck with each other.”

Within Trump’s first 30 days in office we already saw an entire gender come out and protest against him. With more protests sure to follow over the next four years, Wale, who insists he’s not a “false prophet” may be on to something.