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Just a few days after Jim Jones went on Hot 97 and gave the most emotional interview of his life, Cam’Ron decided to not only respond to Jim Jones’ numerous claims. The Harlem rapper also pulled so many of Jim’s cards that you’d think he was playing 52 pick-up with the man.

Sitting down in the comfort of his own home and sipping out of a never ending can of Pepsi, Cam’Ron captivated fans for a few hours on Saturday night (Feb. 11) with stories about playfully ribbing Jim Jones for tricking on his now fiancé Chrissy, saying Jim Jones’ never pulled a trigger in his life (much less for Cam), and even how Love & Hip Hop: New York cast member, Mendeecees Harris (who called in from prison) and his crew had Jones begging for his life under a car. Throwing some salt on that old wound, Mendeecees says he has a video of Jim crying too.

With the former Diplomats bickering back and forth like a pair Republicans and Democrats, no one other than them and their associates truly know who’s throwing out alternative facts. But whatever the case may be these past few days has seen enough tea spilled to quench the thirst of an immigrant who’s been on the run for days.

But even after all the spots were blown and the Pepsi went flat, Cam let it be known that he still loves his brother Jimbo and “want him to win. Sincerely.”

Get the popcorn and the soda ready and check out the entire story below.

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