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Future‘s self-titled album has leaked early and he is talking very reckless on one particular song.

Future seems to living out the cryptic threat he sent out on Twitter at the top of the new year. He’s set to drop a kind-of-surprise album this Friday and the details have been scarce up to this point. The only thing we know so far is that it looks like he’s going at it alone as he’s sent out a tweet saying “no features” Thursday morning.

The album is available for pre-sale but it has already leaked online. One song in particular that people are paying attention to is “Rent Money.” It’s up to you to find the illegal download for yourself, but the lyrics to the song have already been uploaded and they are pretty vicious.

The chorus goes:

Got the money comin’ in, it ain’t no issues

I just a f*cked a rapper b*tch, I should diss you

Got the Mac 11 cocked, it got the kick too

Servin’ n*ggas like Doughbeezy in my house shoes

Ya baby mama f*ck me better when the rent’s due

I just a f*cked a rapper b*tch, I should diss you

She s*cked my d*ck, she came home, I bet she kissed you

Throughout the song Future implements a “I don’t f*ck and tell” policy by bragging about banging “R&B b*tches”  and comparing himself to a list of gangsters ranging from Al Capone to Big Meech to Nicky Barnes.

But his most savage line comes when he infers that the rumors about him bagging Scottie Pippen’s on-again, off-again wife Larsa, are true.

Fewtch says:

I fucks R&B b*tches, should thank you

Them bricks coming in like the John Doe crew

They put a number on your head, they tryna stank you

I’m ‘bout to take ‘em out the game, n*gga fuck you

They got me goin’ insane, now it’s fuck you

I let my brother fuck your b*tch, he got the dog food

I damn near get half a ticket for a walk through

I fuck dem Super Bowl b*tches down in Houston

I got this westside freakin’ like boostin’

I built my empire up like Lucious

Ayy gimme pounds, gimme bricks, I’m a nuisance

I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless

I make the blogs with ya b*tch cause I’m ruthless

Yah, I get cash money like I’m Mack Maine

I just put a rapper b*tch on game

I be smokin’ rapper weed with my gang

I just slam dunked ya b*tch hall of fame

No respect.

Let’s go ahead a pray for the next paparazzi who tries to ask Pippen about Future. We don’t think he’ll restrain himself this time.