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Taxstone is in a heap of trouble. Still being held without bond, the podcaster was indicted on a pair of gun charges on Thursday (Feb. 16). 

Reports Bossip:

A federal grand jury found that there was enough evidence to indict Taxstone – real name Daryl Campbell – on charges of being a felon in possession of a firearm, and receiving a gun through interstate commerce, according to a copy of his indictment, which was obtained by BOSSIP.

Federal prosecutors said that despite pleading guilty in 2008 to attempted robbery, which bars him from having a gun, Taxstone illegally possessed a 9-milimeter Kel-Tec semiautomatic handgun. The gun in question was allegedly used in gunplay at a TI concert in Manhattan that left one man dead and several wounded. Cops said surveillance video shows Taxstone entering the room where the shooting occurred and fleeing right after, and his DNA was found all over the gun.

The feds also said Taxstone obtained the unregistered firearm from out of state – and a grand jury agreed, and handed down the indictment Feb. 16.

Reportedly, Taxstone is looking at 10 years for each of the charges.

Statements made in Tax’s podcast where used against him in court. Peep the full story over at Bossip.

Photo: Instagram