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After years of rhyming about “You love my smile, no matter how chipped my tooth is,” Fabolous done finally decided that he juiced that tooth to death and done got it replaced.

According to TMZ, the “Into You” rapper went to NY dentist Mojgan Fajiram and put down $40K on a new grill. Nope, there wasn’t any gold or diamonds involved just some good ol’ titanium and a row of artificial teeth. At $4,000 a tooth, you can do the math on how many new pearls (actually, porcelain veneers) the man is walking around with.

Fabolous isn’t the first rapper to get some new pearly whites added to his face. Rappers such as 50 Cent and more recently Cardi B have had the procedure done and have constantly shown that they’re more than happy with the results.

Now that Fabolous done got a brand new smile expect to see him at more comedy clubs from here on.

Peep the before and after pics below. Also on Dr. Fajiram’s client list is Fetty Wap, Fat Joe and Future.

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Photo: TMZ

Photo: Instagram

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