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Mark Levin, a radio host and columnist for Breitbart, put out a theory that President Barack Obama‘s administration employing wiretapping on the current sitting president in Donald Trump. Levin’s accusation threw President Trump in a rage, but now the pundit is saying he really didn’t have any proof.

As reported by the folks at Raw Story, Levin was a guest on Fox News Live this past Sunday and pretty much confirmed he made it all up. Initially, Levin suggested in his column and on the show that the Obama administration had a “silent coup” against the Trump White House and was investigating the president.  Levin claimed on the program that his sources, which have turned up to unreliable, showed the “overwhelming evidence” that Obama ordered the wiretaps.

From Raw Story:

“Donald Trump is being attacked for [the accusations] he tweeted,” Levin said. “Donald Trump is the victim, his campaign is the victim, his transition team is the victim, his surrogates are the victim. These are police state tactics.”

When pressed for details on President Obama’s personal involvement, Levin replied, “I’m not Nostradamus here.”

The conspiracy theorist argued that any investigation against Trump would be unfair because Obama and Democrats had “squirreled their appointees into the bureaucracy.”

“We know now why they call you ‘The Great One,’” Hegseth concluded as the interview ended.

So basically, he’s just making it all up. No harm, no foul. Just a spin for controversy and ratings. Nothing to see here, folks.


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