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Police in Trenton, NJ have arrested a man who raped a woman behind a van in broad daylight.

According to authorities Johnathan Worley beat and raped a woman in broad-daylight in Chambersburg last Tuesday (August 17).

In the surveillance video, you see Worley grab the woman as she walks down the sidewalk and force her behind a van before raping her.

After the attack, police state that Worley then attempted to rob the woman before running off and leaving the her behind the van.

The woman notified police after retrieving her cell phone that had fallen under the parked van during the attack. Officers searched the area, but did not find a suspect.

“Anyone who violates the rights of a human being, to commit such a horrendous crime is a person who has definitely shown he has no care or respect for human life,” Sgt. Pedro Medina said. “I hope the public knows that staying silent is not the responsible thing to do.”

The victim after being treated for her injuries at a local hospital and released later returned to the scene to help detectives with their investigation.

Worley was arrested on August 22 and currently being held on $250,000 bail.