Freddie Gibbs addresses the alleged rape case that almost ruined his life and career in his first new song since last year.

Gibbs‘ hit a huge speed bump when he was accused of rape and arrested in France last year. He beat the charges but lost months of his life, income from canceled shows and robbed of time away from his wife and young daughter in the process. He was acquitted, released and returned home in September and kept a pretty low profile ever since. Until now.

Gibbs dropped a new song and video titled “Crushed Glass” where he repeats the motto “the future started yesterday.” On the track he addresses the rape case for the first time rapping:

I just beat a rape case, groupie b*tch I never f*cked

Try to get me ten for some p*ssy that I never touched

At a certain level system tried to test a n*ggas nuts

N*gga hired like eleven lawyers, had to level up

He also talked about the impact it had on his psyche in general touching on everything from the quality of the food to being locked up an extra 30 days after posting bail.

As far as the visuals are concerned, Gibbs is seen waking up in a desert, trying to find his way back home, alone. At the end of the video, cameras gives a glimpse of the jail scenery that Gibbs was subjected to for three months.

With the video, Gibbs has also announced that his new album You Only Live 2wice will be available on March 31.

Photo: Screenshot

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