James Jackson, an army vet and white man, came from Maryland to New York City with the intention of killing Black men. He managed to kill one before being caught. 

Reports the New York Daily News:

James Jackson, 28, rode a bus from Baltimore to New York Friday with the sole purpose of stalking and killing black men for a statement-making media spectacle, police said. He’s accused of fatally stabbing Timothy Caughman, 66, in Midtown on Monday night.

Cops said Jackson’s deep-seated racism stretched back more than a decade — to a time before he entered the military in March 2009.

Jackson ended up serving a little more than three years with the Army, bouncing from Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri to Fort Huachuca in Arizona before a tour in Afghanistan from December 2010 to November 2011, Army officials said.

According to police, Jackson is a member of a known hate group in Maryland.

Per the Washington Post:

“The reason why he picked New York is ’cause it’s the media capital of the world,” said William Aubry, assistant chief of the New York City Police Department. “And he wanted to make a statement.”

On Monday night (March 20), Jackson stabbed Caughman multiple times with what is being described as a small sword. The victim was able to make it to a police precinct for help. However, he died from his injuries in Bellvue Hospital.

Jackson surrendered to police on Wednesday morning (March 22) has been charged with murder. A hate crime charge should be forthcoming.

Now ask yourself, why is this not a national story yet?

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