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Mike WiLL Made It has dropped his newest project Ransom 2 featuring a long list of A-List collaborators and old friends.

The project is described as being “new songs orchestrated by” Mike WiLL, but for much of the ride it doesn’t sound like much orchestrating is going on. The artists featured sound like they just hopped on the beat that was handed to them and recorded the first thing that came to mind. Sometimes that method can be magical, but here it falls flat more often than not.It’s hard to find any original ideas or memorable tracks.

It’s hard to find any original ideas or memorable tracks outside of Big Sean‘s stellar opening track. Granted the tracklist looks interesting on paper when you see Gucci Mane, Kendrick Lamar and Rae Sremmurd being on the same song as well as a long overdue collaboration between rappers named Trouble and Problem. But the actual music here doesn’t really make you feel anything. It just sounds like a bunch of favors have been called in. Which is cool, because Mike WiLL has definitely earned those over the years. You just wish that he got better use out of them.

Rihanna’s song “Nothing Is Promised” almost captures the same lightning they created together on the hit “Throw It Up,” but that’s also the problem, it sounds like it’s been done before.

Mike WiLL has proven that can make pop, club and trap hits but you’ll have to do some digging and maybe multiple listens to convince yourself if you like anything here. Clocking in at one hour with 17 tracks, this project definitely robs you of your time making the Ransom title even more appropriate. After listening, it makes you realize why he may not have wanted to look you in the face on the cover after all.

Listen for yourself below.