Atlanta is burning bridges. {Rimshot}

Thursday evening looked like an “end of the world” movie scene in Atlanta. Huge black smoke clouds could be seen from miles away, signaling that something was terribly wrong. Many residents thought it could have been a tornado while others thought that the sun set early. But reports are saying that PVC piping that was left under a bridge caught on fire and reached metal and concrete burning temperatures.

Police started rerouting traffic away from the area because they did not trust the integrity of the bridge. Moments later, as firefighters from Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport sprayed foam used for airplane crashes, the bridge collapsed. There haven’t been any reports of injury, yet.

Governor Nathan Deal has declared a State Of Emergency with many schools being shut down as well as city offices being ordered to open at 10 a.m. to give people time to get to work. Others have had to take MARTA trains to get around since the bridge fell at a major intersection virtually separating different parts of town.

Here’s how people are coping with the non-fatal inconvenience.

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