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Almost a year after Bankroll Fresh‘s death, police have released video of the shootout that leads to him getting killed.

The shooting occurred on March 4, 2016 outside of 2 Chainz’ Street Exec Studios. It stemmed from a fight with former friend and “rapper” No Plug that happened inside the studio. In an interview with DJ Vlad last year, Plug says he left the studio after the fight, but that he dropped his cell phone during the tussle. He says he attempted to return to the studio to get his phone, but was met with men pointing guns at him. He claims that Fresh fired the first shot and he returned fire in self-defense.

“He came out, playin’ with the sh*t…he fired a shot, and sh*t happened,” he explained. “We pulled off, he end up dead. That’s as simple as sh*t was. Like he pulled the gun, shot the motherf*cker, couple shots got fired back, he got hit, I leave. Next thing you know, folks callin’ me sayin’ ‘Fresh dead,’ know what I’m sayin’. I called my lawyer…Gucci Mane’s lawyer, gave him $10,000, go down to the homicide, tell [Fresh’s mother] Ms. Benton everything, and sh*t, everything was great. End of story.”

In releasing video of the shooting, police say they are trying to find the truth.

“Whether or not he was defending himself or the other person defending themselves, that is the question. That’s where we are trying to get to the truth,” said Atlanta police Major Adam Lee. “We just want to get to the truth and sometimes the truth takes time. We’re looking for anybody we have not identified who may have been there and may know more than what we know at this point, than what we see on the video.”

Police are not sharing the entire video due to its graphic nature, but they did release a snippet.

Last November Fresh’s associate “Lil Money” was killed in a drive-by shooting where Fresh’s six-year-old nephew and internet personality “Bankroll PJ” was also present. Money died shielding PJ from bullets. Another Street Money associate Wallo Green was also shot in that altercation and later passed away from complications earlier this month.

Photo: Instragram/Cam Kirk