Freddie Gibbs proves there’s not many better than him at telling street tales with his latest album.

Gibbs emerges from his foreign prison trip last year sounding like a man who realizes just how fortunate he is on You Only Live 2wice. The most poignant moment comes all the way at the end of eight-song effort with the appropriately titled “Homesick” where comes to the realization that he needed to stop “living for my n*ggas” and start “living for my daughter.”

The placement of the track may also speak to the direction that Gibbs’ music could and should go in from this album forward. Gibbs has always had the potential to be one of rap’s finest, but the content he’s put out since 2014’s Pinata has almost shown him to be a one-trick pony, depending heavily on cocaine, hoes and crime talk with limited perspective that goes beyond that world. In that same time frame we also saw him get shot at in Brooklyn in November 2014 and spend last summer in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Situations that undoubtedly came from “living for my n*ggas.”

You Only Live 2wice has plenty more of the street tales that Freddie has mastered at telling. At times he’s a narrator, other times he’s an active participant. With all of those stories leading up to the end where he admits he needs to get off the bullsh*t, we can only hope that his second life as an emcee comes with a fresh perspective and more mentions among rap’s elite.

Listen for yourself below.

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