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K. Michelle pulled out some of her best insults and threw them hard and fast at Angela Yee and The Real co-host Loni Love.

Yee was sitting in on the show as a special guest co-host on the popular daytime talk show recently. She was asked about her awkward The Breakfast Club interview with K. Michelle around this time last year.

Either K. Michelle was watching the show or heard that she was being talked about. Because it didn’t take long for her to respond. In a vicious Twitter tirade, K. Michelle dragged both women’s names in mud.

“U should shut you heavy neck a** up playing with me @loniloe UR NOT FUNNY. The only thing funny about you in your struggle A** ham hock,” she said. “And Angela haven’t u had enough d***s in your mouth by now to shut up? I don’t play with media. I’m not wrapped too tight. Stay from over here.”

Love responded with a tweet inviting K. Michelle on the show,“Come on #thereal and say it girl… now don’t you trot to @WendyWilliams first!!!”

K. Michelle disrespectfully declined.

“I’m not coming on no dry a** real to sit there a be fake with a bunch frauds,” K. Michelle tweeted. “How bout this. You keep my whole name out of your mouth. And stay over there on Sesame Street. Caus this ain’t what you want hamburger.”