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The New York rap scene doesn’t seem to get much respect from out of state fans these days. And apparently one of its own homegrown artists had some choice words for the way the NYC radio airwaves are run.

In a now deleted post, Brooklyn rapper Desiigner tweeted “F*ck NY RADIO” accompanied by four middle-finger emojis on April 22.

Unfortunately for him, someone took a screenshot before he took it down and it’s now made its rounds on social media and eventually founds its way onto Hot 97 DJ Funk Master Flex’s page.

While no one knows why exactly the “Panda” rapper decided to air his grievances with his home state’s Hip-Hop radio programming, many feel it has to do with his music not getting enough burn on the box. But others think it was a ploy to get the attention of NY radio deejays to give him more airplay.We kind of doubt Funk Master Flex will follow suit.

Although DJ Envy, played some of his new cuts, we kind of doubt Funk Master Flex will follow suit—for a while.

Since breaking through with his smash hit “Panda” the energetic rapper dropped a few more singles in “Timmy Turner,” “Thank God I Got It” and “Up” but neither experienced the success of his first hit.

Now we just wait and see whether Desiigner backtracks from his original statement himself or Mysonne makes him backtrack.